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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


it has been long since last post.

i am not a good blogger i know.

so let's  sum up 2016


1) i finished my study - master of architecture,uitm Shah Alam. finally ! yay !

february :

1) my second sister got married to my friend, hafifi
so hafifi was my studiomate since degree to master.
means we have been friends since 2007 maybe? or 2006? 4 years degree, then kerja, then 2 years master.
and poof ! he is now my brother in law. lol
and my second sister, she is the most fairest, the most beautiful among us. i guess.

2) my cousin, marissa was born

that is baby marissa !

now dah bulat hehe


1) my cousin naylaa was born

here is baby naylaa !

now dah bulat jugakk

april: nothing much i guess

may : i started working as an architect with MOCA, kuantan. my old office, before i moved to PJ, 2010 /2011 i think.

june: Chris reverted, alhamdulillah

july: deela's bridal shower at maison,kuala lumpur

that's the five of us at the front door. we call ourselves the queens. from left : me, izzy, deela, taty, and hany. we have been friends since high school. SMART, Kuantan  batch 2001-2005.

that was our hi tea set. i don't remember the price, sorry.

that's us from the pool view downstairs. yes the place was beautiful.

now that's our lovely bride to be. we took a lot of photos of course. 


1) deela got married
our beautiful deela and awan ! they found each other when they were on a holiday, perhentian i guess. 

right after nikah

the joy u feel seeing ur bff getting married

from left : paeh (our classmate). zack (taty's bf masa ni,now married) awan, deela, taty, izzy, me.

hey ho selfie !

2) tira and me bridal shower at lexis hibiscus, port dickson. it's too early for my bridal shower, but since they wanted to do it jugak, why not? hehe

so the six of us. we call ourselves the mystique lol. they are my master studiomates. from left,front : id, and thira, from left at the back : fyda, me, fit and adnin

our private deck and pool.

they prepared these for us ! what a lovely friends !

swim and story time

dinner time

the buggy service

(too tired to add more photos now, i'll add some other day,or month, or year, or never idk. hee)

september: ain baby shower at lexis, then my boss passed away, innalillah...a week after that, his one and only daughter got married at zenith, kuantan, it was a shocking news for all of us
october: ain's first baby aisyah was born!
november: athira's wedding and hany's engagement
december :  taty's wedding and Chris and I got engaged ! yayy !

and we are counting days for our big day !
81 days to go !
hopefully everything will be alright!
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